Sermons On Renewal


A 9-11 And A 1-11! (2015)

Pastor Garry has a very special message for us with a very unusual name: "A 9-11, And a 1-11!" It's a very moving look at how God can take these two sets of significant numbers, and do some incredible math!!!



Renewal (2013)

There is a war that rages inside every one of us. It's the Flesh against the Spirit. One of these two is gonna win! But, the winner is totally up to you! In this series Pastor Garry Clark will identify the enemy and with a very interesting 'step-by-step' process will lead us to restoration...



Renewal: A Revival Of Our Minds & Hearts (2014)

There is a war between the flesh and the Spirit in each and every one of us! But, because I have Faith in Jesus Christ, the Spirit is in my heart and revealed in the Bible. For us to return to a consciousness of God, and for us to be effective for God, there are certain steps that we must take!