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4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse (2016)

In this series we'll begin looking at The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!


5 Yards To Go (2014)

Today is a very special day at Fellowship, and Pastor Garry Clark will encourage us 'Big Time' with a building-focused message called... FIVE YARDS TO GO!


12: The Number Of The Church (2014)

In this very special mesage Pastor Garry Clarkf ocuses on the number 12, and how it plays a significant role in many aspects of the Bible! It's a message you don't want to miss...


24: It's All You Have (2007)

In this four-part, thought provoking message series, Pastor Garry Clark will challenge you to Live In The Now, and not the later!


A 9-11 And A 1-11! (2015)

Pastor Garry has a very special message for us with a very unusual name: "A 9-11, And a 1-11!" It's a very moving look at how God can take these two sets of significant numbers, and do some incredible math!!!


A Balancing Act! (2017)

When it comes to your family balance is important when you have so many forces working against you! How can you stay balanced? Listen and learn...


A Favored Father! (2017)

In the message Pastor Garry Clark will be showing us how we can be a "Favored Father!"


A Fresh Start (2015)

How can you begin again, when life leaves you dead in the middle of the road? How can you reGroup, reLoad, reFresh, and reSTART your life, and keep moving down the highway? Well, today, we’re gonna find some answers and some help...


A Good God (2013)

Join Pastor Garry Clark in this sermon series... A GOOD GOD! "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." - Psalm 34:8.


A Good Man (2014)

In this message Terry Clark focuses on A Good Man in the Bible. This man was an encourager, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. Terry is going to encourage you to be an Encourager! What you do, will last longer than you!


A High Place (2012)

In Message One Pastor Garry is going to show us how we can put the peddle to the metal and leave our troubles in the past ~ he'll show us how we can take it to "A High Place!" Then in Message Two he is going to take you higher. But to get there, you’ll need to Take Hold Of What Took Hold Of You because only ONE can deliver you. "Jesus... My Deliverer!" And finally he wants to show you how you too can smell “Mountain Fresh!” That may sound funny but it’s easy to tell when you’re getting higher in your Christian walk, it just smells differently! How are you smelling today?


A High Place-2013 (2013)

Jesus Christ left heaven for us! It was a very hard thing to do, but Jesus took it to another level. He gave His life for us. Join Pastor Garry as he takes us to "A High Place."


A Life Of Light (2016)

Four specific things taken from the message, "Zechariah" will show us that if we really have THE LIGHT OF LIFE, then we definitely ought to have A LIFE OF LIGHT!

A Praising Grace (2010)

You will never truly maximize your fulfillment and calling when it comes to praising God unless you understand the grace of God. In this two part message series Pastor Garry will help you understand that it cannot be about you; it has to be about God's grace. It is 100% God and 0% you! When you get that down you'll have a story; a story about praising Jesus Christ that you can share with other people.

A Virtuous Cycle Or A Vicious Cycle (2015)

Focusing on the positive things causes me to look for more positive things! But, focusing on the negative things causes me to look for more negative things! The choice is yours!!!! More Joy, Encouragement & Gratitude? Or more Discontentment, Discouragement & never feeling Satisfied? Do you want a Virtuous Cycle, or a Vicious Cycle? IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!


ABC (2013)

Are you ready to learn your ABC's? Seriously though, we are about to look at how we can do all things through Jesus, All Because Christ... Today, let's look at what Christ is to us, alphabetically!


Abraham Lincoln (2012)

Pastor Garry Clark in this In God We Trust series will be focusing on Abraham Lincoln. From our Founding Fathers to our founding documents we are indeed One Nation Under God!


Adoption (2015)

Pastor Garry Clark encourages us from the scriptures and with a personal testimony in the message, 'ADOPTION: We Cry Abba Father!'


Adoption: Heirs Of God, Joint Heirs With Jesus Christ (2015)

The word ADOPTION literally means “the placing of a son or a daughter.” God did that for us!! “We are now the sons and daughters of God!” In this message Pastor Garry Clark will be showing us through scripture, how we are "joint heirs to God's estate!"


Alone (2012)

This is a very special message from Pastor Garry Clark’s brother, Terry Clark. It’s called “Alone!” But you don’t have to be...


Amazing Grace (2011)

We need to be Thankful that the Grace we have is 100 % God and 0% Us! Then get ready to play a little P.I.G.? Garry’s gonna help you make the shots. Then learn how to give Your Story For His Glory! And finally what you really need to know is, Are You Grace Full? Join Pastor Garry in this sermon series about God's "Amazing Grace."


America's Godly Heritage (2010)

There are important elections coming up in a few weeks. Pastor Clark wants to encourage us to be responsible citizens. He is doing this series which is about our Christian heritage as we approach our opportunity to make a difference. He wants you to join us as we take a look at the prayers, principles and scriptural values of America's 1st President, George Washington. You will be challenged!

What we need to be careful of though, is watching the USA turn into a country of American Godless Heretics! Danny Jordan takes us into the Word of God for the second part in the series to examine this dangerous trend.

In message three Pastor Garry Clark wants to go back a couple hundred years. He's going to take a look at America's Godly Heritage, and examine the Christian values of America's 2nd President - John Adams!


Angels (2017)

Today we welcome Pastor Steve Cooper who will be preaching at both services. He will be presenting two different messages about "Angels."


Answers To Why (2016)

Pastor Garry in this new series will use the Bible to show us ANSWERS TO WHY!


Are The End Times Our Times? (2016)

Are The End Times, Our Times? What are the signs that reveal the Anti-Christ? As Christians, what should we be doing to prepare?


Armor All (2005)

This is a four part series about putting on the armor of God. The first thing you have to realize is that there is a real war going on. A spiritual war is being fought and Christians are involved in it whether you want to believe it or not. The enemy is satan.

Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Word of God to show us how to put on the full armor of God. We must understand that our misconceptions about the Word of God or our opinions about what the Bible says will not cut it in the spiritual fight. Why? Cause the devil knows the Word! We have to follow the example of others in the Bible such as Jesus Christ who used God's Word to fight against the devil.


Audience Of The King (2004)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark goes back into the Christmas Story and takes a look at those that are involved.


Back To The Future (2016)

The message "BACK TO THE FUTURE" will transport you to the future of mankind. What will the Earth be like when Jesus returns and we live with Him during the Millennial Reign? Listen up and find out!!!


Basic Training For Blessings (2015)

Lace up your boots because it's time to train! To be truly Thankful, there's some things you need to do, and things you need to know... It's time for Basic Training For Blessings!


Beating Addiction (2014)

Addiction is a huge problem in our culture, and it's affecting more families than ever before in our nation's history! In this message Joe Hamblen, a former addict himself, will give his personal story of success and how others can make it too. Hamblen now serves as Program Director for Loving Hands Ministry which strives to rehabilitate men who have addiction problems.


Believe God Blesses (2014)

Pastor Garry continues to challenge us to stop "worrying and fretting," but instead, "try having faith and believing God?" No matter what occurs, you need to... BELIEVE GOD BLESSES!


Believe It (Or Not) (2014)

"Now faith is the 'Substance' of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." ~ Hebrews 11:1 ~. Faith and Belief are mentioned over 500 times in the New Testament alone! It goes to show that you can never have too much Faith in GOD!


Believing Is Receiving (2015)

In this series by Pastor Garry Clark, we will see the incredible power of what true faith in the Risen Savior Jesus Christ, can do... Do You Really Believe? The Holy Spirit comes along side of us, and guides us to the Truth of God, so that the world can see God's Truth in us!


Bless This Mess (2010)

It's amazing how God has blessed the messes and struggles that so many of us have faced. Can we actually position ourselves for the blessings of God? We're weak, but HE IS STRONG! As we gear up for the day that we set aside to acknowledge our blessings, we realize that thanksgiving is centered around acknowledging grace. God has blessed us even though we don't deserve it. But in order to receive those blessings, we need to be in a position to accept them. Wanna know how?

Join Pastor Garry in this series as he gets to the answers of these questions and shows us that the spirit of "Thanksgiving" needs to be a way of life; not just a one time event.


Bless Your Heart (2013)

The heart is the center of the entire man. It is the very health of all life's Pulses and Impulses! It is the First Responder to all of life's issues... Your heart is your responsibility! In this series you will also learn how to rationally, emotionally and spiritually have a Healthy Heart!


Blessed! (2017)

We are lucky to live where we live and enjoy the freedoms we enjoy. But, what does it really mean to be Blessed? We must never forget to remember His benefits!


Body Language (2006)

In this three part teaching series, Pastor Garry Clark discusses the importance of the body God has given us, and the language it is giving off to those around us.

You will be challenged with the fact that everybody is reachable, therefore maximizing our bodies for the glory and purposes of God should be our goal.


Bountiful! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark begins a new sermon series as we approach that season of giving thanks... Thanksgiving! This series shows us how Bountiful our blessings from God really are!


Bow (2010)

What's Christmas to you? Is it the gift with the pretty Bow, or is it about our Savior Jesus Christ, where you Bow at His feet in worship? During this Christmas Season, join with us as we focus on worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and praising God for His incredible gift!


Calling Down Heaven In 2011 (2011)

In this sermon series Pastor Garry Clark will be showing us how we can be "Calling Down Heaven In 2011!" Do you want to be "clicking on all 8 cylinders" this coming year? Well, you need to listen to message one on the Victory 8 (V8) and how the Bible can fuel your engine in 2011!

In message two Pastor Garry will remind us that we can accomplish the impossible by speaking the Word.


Capturing Opportunities (2013)

"And Jesus called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy Till I Come." ~ Luke 19... This special message by Pastor Garry will encourage us to take possession of the incredible opportunities God has given us... COME ON!


Catch The Wave (2007)

Have you ever met certain followers of Jesus Christ who really had a contagious and victorious walk with the Lord? I mean they were genuine and real regardless of the struggle or success; they were riding high through the power of the Holy Spirit!

In this five message video illustrated series, Pastor Garry Clark teaches us, in an easy to understand format, how to ride the Waves of Faith, Grace, Power, Goodness and Giving!

A key scripture is presented in each message that can be easily committed to memory.


Chasing The Wind (2006)

King solomon knew it all, had it all, and did it all...yet he was still empty and frustrated. He Chased The Wind and could never catch it - No One Ever Has!

The Book of Ecclesiastes is Solomon's personal journal of what life is like when you chase the wind. It is vanity and leads to futility.

In this series, Pastor Garry Clark gives four illustrated teaching messages designed to bring you into focus with God and help reveal what really matters.


Coaches Sunday (2015)

Pastor Garry Clark and several coaches right out of our community share their own personal stories of following Christ! 2015 NCAA Wrestling Championship Winner, Coach Tom Ryan (The Ohio State University) also gives us his powerful personal testimony!


Community (2015)

Pastor Garry's dear friend of over 30 years, Mark Myers, blesses and encourages us by speaking on the 'Community' of Fellowship Church!


Count Your Blessings (2013)

Pastor Garry Clark has an extremely fun and interactive series to help us all count our blessings. Are you ready? 1,2,3... COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! And he's also going to give us some ways to multiply these blessings using the acronym... G.I.V.E.!


Deal Or No Deal (2006)

Are you the Real Deal or not? If we are totally honest, we all struggle with fighting phony!

In this two message series, Pastor Garry Clark examines parts of Ephesians 4 and 5 with the goal of helping us to be genuine and sincere in our walk with the Lord.


Debunking Da Vinci (2006)

In this three-part, highly illustrated message series, Pastor Garry charges head on into Dan Brown's best selling novel and the high budget movie, The Da Vinci Code!


Double Vision (2015)

Pastor Garry will be showing us how that having "Double Vision" can actually be a good thing! When you think it's "curtains" for you, it's a really good time to look for a window! It might just let you see 'double thru that trouble.'


Drive (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark celebrates the Easter Season. The series, "Drive," will lead us to the sacrifice of the Cross and Jesus’ Resurrection! It's a powerful season of Worship!


Driven (2006)

Jesus Christ had drive. He was motivated. Jesus walked in love and demonstrated courage. Do you want drive in your life?

In this three part series Pastor Garry Clark takes a look at What Drove Jesus, What Drove Jesus' Enemies, and What Drives A Christian?


Elevate! Taking It To Another Level! (2009)

This is a motivational six-part teaching series. Pastor Garry goes to the heights of the Book of Hebrews to help us all go deeper and reach higher than we've ever dared before. This series challenges both the new Christian, as well as the mature Christian.


Encouragement From The Old Pastor (2014)

In this series which is a study of 1 Timothy Pastor Garry will be will be encouraging us to be 'leaders' in the church.


Equilibrium (2012)


Equilibrium is the condition in which all competing influences are BALANCED in a wide variety of contexts. It's an EQUAL BALANCE between any powers or influences. You want to have Equilibrium in your families, and Pastor Garry Clark is going to use the Bible to show us how...


Extreme (2016)

In this series Pastor Garry takes a powerful look at events from the book of Daniel.


Family Counsel (2014)

In this new series Pastor Garry is looking at how good "Family Counsel" is important! Listening to those who know and love you, can make a difference!


Family Favor (2005)

It is something we all want: the favor and blessing of God on our family... But how can we get it? Is there something we need to do for the favor of God to begin flowing? In this upbeat and practical family series, Pastor Garry Clark challenges you from the scriptures on how to have the favor of God on your family. It is in the Bible! In this six part series you will discover instruction for fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, personal relationships, finances, children, and more.


Family Favor (2012)

Do you want the Favor of God on your Family? Well, this little series, from Mother's Day to Father's Day, will show you Biblically, how to have God's Favor!


Family Matters (2016)

In this series Pastor Garry focuses on the family.


Family Reality (2013)

Pastor Garry begins this series by looking at a woman that is facing "A Desperate Situation!" Sincerity, or being real, must be a deliberate act of my will! IT IS WHAT IT IS... Then we look at the book of 1 Samuel, in the message "A Deliberate Sincerity!"


Family Secrets (2015)

In this series Pastor Garry will be delving into some "Family Secrets" that will help make your families successful!


Family Secrets (2007)

In this message series Pastor Garry takes an up-close look into the life of the dysfunctional family of Ruth and Boaz. This family history included incest and prostitution! Could they have a future?

Fnd out how they made it, and how you can make it too. This is a six-part video illustrated message series.


Family Values (2010)

This is a two part series about "Family Values" and standing for family values. It's about doing what's right and making the right choices for your family. Things matter! It's not about the anything goes type of living. That's not how God wrote the book. The Bible doesn't teach that our lifestyle should be one of "anything goes." Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Word of God to show us how to live and what we need to value in life. Whether you are a new Christian or a Christian of many years, this series will help you to make the right choices and help you stand for "Family Values."


Finishing (2010)

It's the start that stops most people. Many people never start anything in their entire lives. But alot of people start something and they never finish. That's not what's going to happen at Fellowhsip Church! We will finish what we have started!

How far have we come in the process of the new facility? This along with other questions will be answered in the first part of this message series. Pastor Garry Clark give us a detailed look at the process of building our new facility.

In the second part of the series we look at What It Takes To Finish? When it comes to finishing, Jesus wrote the book on it. Do you want to be a finisher in your life? Do you want to complete the course that God has layed out for your life? This series will help you do that by showing you that you need to be a Christ follower.

And in the last part we learn about Love Finishing. What Christ has started in us, the love of God is spread abroad in our hearts now and we must love all the way to the end.


First Things First (2017)

Why, in the Bill Of Rights, is Religion first and foremost? Pastor Garry will show us the historical intent of the Founders of this great nation, and where and when Progressives tried to make the world believe that America has a separation of Church and State! Did they succeed?


Follow The Leader (2015)

Jesus Christ ran the race, and won the race, for the human race! He is the Ultimate Leader, and someone I can really and truly follow!


Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse (2007)

In this video illustrated and easy to understand format, Pastor Clark takes each of the horseman of Revelation Chapter 6 one by one and uncovers the message that they reveal. It's absolutely amazing how up to date this 2,000 year old prophecy really is!


Freedom Of, Or Freedom From Religion? (2017)

Pastor Garry will be focusing primarily on the "Establishment Clause" of the First Amendment. But, does it say we have "Freedom Of" or "Freedom From" religion in the United States?


Freedom Is In Our DNA (2014)

The Declaration of Independence says it loud and clear... 'We hold these TRUTHS to be self evident!' In this message Pastor Garry show us why "Freedom" is such an important part of America's history!


Games People Play (2004)

In part One of this series Pastor Garry kicks off the "Capital Campaign" for Fellowship Church's new facility. He looks at attitude, outlook, and purpose. Are you ready to "Get In The Game."

In Parts Two, Three, and Four he looks at the games of Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and Charades to answer some important questions. Are you being trivial? or Are you trusting in Jesus Christ and focusing on what really matters? What do you do when you are at "The Crossroads?"

Do you chase after material things? or, Are you truly content and satisfied with your blessings?

Are you pursuing the behavior of trying to be someone or something that you're not?


Get Into The Boat (2005)

Jesus said...Get Into The Boat. There is good news for the guys; boating is in the Bible. There are big boats, little boats, bigger boats, fishing boats, boats Jesus preached from. This is a five part Florida summer series in which Pastor Garry Clark will have some fun while teaching us some things as well.


Getting Back On Your Feet! (2017)

In this series Pastor Garry preaches messages that will focus on helping you with "Getting Back On Your Feet" after pain, struggle and failures in your life!


Give Your Best (2014)

In this new series Pastor Garry is going to show us how the Bible can help every member of every family to "Give Your Best!" And the first message in this series, is naturally "Give Momma Your Best!"


Global Snapshots (2012)

In Matthew 24 and in the book of Revelation Jesus gives us a look into the future and end-time events. What will the end times look like? Pastor Garry will compare Jesus’ snapshots with snapshots of today. Jesus said “don’t be deceived!” So, lets open our eyes with... GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS!


God Bless Me Double For My Trouble! (2018)

How can we “shine” for Jesus Christ? Can it even be done through our own trials and suffering?


God Is Good (2016)

Pastor Garry in this series shows us how we should never forget that our "GOD IS GOOD."


Goodbye Earl (2012)

The Bible says that the thief (satan) comes to kill, steal and destroy. So our daily walk is bound to be a daily fight! But, we have Jesus! And because of that fact we can have an Abundant Life!


Good News (2016)

Pastor Garry in this series tells us the "GOOD NEWS" from 1 John!


Great Faith (2014)

In this five message series we will be encouraged by the FAITH of others to deepen our own trust and confidence in God! It is incredible what others have accomplished through GREAT FAITH!


Hallmark Moments (2010)

This series was originally preached in 2007. Pastor Garry brought it back out and the order of messages may be different. While Pastor Garry was away on surgical leave Danny Jordan preached Money Moments - Message 3. Since that sermon is not available we have substituted the original audio from 2007.

The word Hallmark was around a long time before it became known as a card company. It is a term that describes an official mark or stamp used to indicate purity, excellence and quality.

That is what families need! This series is designed to help you Hallmark the ones you love.

Pastor Garry Clark will lead you from the Word of God on a path to proactively demonstrate to those in your family that they matter and that they are precious, not only to God but to you too!


Hallmark Moments (2007)

The word Hallmark was around a long time before it became known as a card company. It is a term that describes an official mark or stamp used to indicate purity, excellence and quality.

That is what families need! This series is designed to help you Hallmark the ones you love.

Pastor Garry Clark will lead you from the Word of God on a path to proactively demonstrate to those in your family that they matter and that they are precious, not only to God but to you too!


He Called Me What? (2015)

Enjoy this message series which will help you in your Christian walk.


Here Comes The Judge (2014)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark willl be studying the Words of Jesus and will show that there is a big killer to receiving blessings, and that's judging!


Hey Jude! Keeping The Faith ... In Tough Times (2009)

Jude, the half-brother of Jesus, gives the church in the Last Days a stern warning and a challenge. He commands us to diligently fight for our faith. Do not give up and do not turn away...

Pastor Clark breaks this book down into four very hard hitting messages that will encourage you to keep the faith - REGARDLESS!


Hope! Hope! Hope! Merry Christmas(2013)

Because of Jesus Christ we have Hope!! Enjoy this Christmas message from Pastor Garry Clark: Hope Hope Hope! Merry Christmas!

Hope Was Born That Night (2005)

Out of the; out of the darkness...light; out of uncertainty...promise. In this short series Pastor Garry Clark looks at how "Hope Was Born That Night" that Jesus was born.


How Can America Remain Free? (2014)

Patrick Henry is famous for his statement to the Virginia House: "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!" But, he also told us Five Things that will help America remain FREE!!! In this special message Pastor Garry will help us find out what they are...


How Do You Make America Great Again? (2016)

It's been a wild political season that has both divided and unified at the same time. But, no matter the outcome, we always have a duty to honor God, and make this the best country ever to exist. In this message Pastor Garry answers the big question of the year... “How Do You Make America Great Again!”


How Momma Made It! (2007)

This stand alone message is personal and straight forward. It is REAL! As you learn how Momma Made It, you'll discover how you can too!


How To Get Rich Quick (2008)

In this word-picture association message, Pastor Garry will help you to see how blessed you really are according to God's Word.


How's Your Tude? (2014)

Pastor Garry asks the question, "How's Your Tude?" Join him as he preaches on "SERVITUDE: A Servant Of Jesus Christ!"I am not my own! I am bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ! And then on "CERTITUDE: The Word Oozes With Confidence!" Because of Jesus Christ, I am certain! Pray Right, Think Right & Live Right... It is with a certainty that I Can Do ALL Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me!


Huddle Up (2015)

After His resurrection, Jesus came to His disciples who were "Huddled" together in fear, and said "Peace Be Unto You!" WOW... were they ever glad to see Him!


I Go To Church For Love (2013)

This incredible message was preached in front of the new Fellowship Church facility. People go to church for many different reasons. There is one reason, however, that tops the list: "I Go To Church For Love!"


If...Then (2016)

Pastor Garry looks at one of the most recognizable verses with regards to God blessing a nation. But, the passage also applies to your own lives and decisions! If you choose to make some right choices, then God promises to bless you!


In God We Trust (2008)

"In God We Trust" is more than just our USA Motto. Trusting God is in our DNA! But many have forgotten - or just don't know it...

These three messages on Presidents George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson are guaranteed to wake you up! Pastor Garry Clark explores the awesome reality that our country was founded on Biblical Principles and a firm belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.


In God We Trust (2011)

Pastor Garry Clark will be taking a look at the individual States of the Union, and the Signers of the Constitution, to see if we truly are a Christian Nation! Are We? Join Pastor Garry in this very informative message.


In God We Trust 2 (2009)

Is our great nation rooted and grounded in the Biblical Truths of Christianity, or not? Get the REAL FACTS in this two-part, hard hitting, video illustrated series with Pastor Garry Clark!


In God We Trust 3 (2010)

America is great because God has blessed us. It is important to remember our committment to His sovereignty as our nation set her foundations more than 234 years ago. That is the basis for Pastor Garry's message series, In God We Trust 3. He starts out by looking at how to qualify for admission into Harvard University.

In Message 2 we are taken into the Bible to explore the connection of our nation's independence and its experiencing of God's favor.


In God We Trust 4 (2011)

In what has become a yearly tradition at Fellowship Church, Pastor Garry is going to take us back in time, to explore America’s Godly Christian Heritage in the series “In God We Trust!” In the first message, we’re taking a look at the incredible man ABRAHAM LINCOLN!

“In God We Trust!” Those aren’t just idle words! They make up the official motto of the United States of America! But, are these words the actual thoughts of this nation’s founders? Well, let’s ask America’s Greatest Statesman: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN! Don't miss this great message...


In God We Trust 5 (2012)

Playin' the "Blame Game" ain't gonna fix this country, or you! Get ready for REAL ANSWERS that will bring REAL SOLUTIONS. We’ll also be examining three of the Greatest Patriotic Songs ever written ~ and you’ll see God in every single one of them. And finally Pastor Garry will take a look at a question that demands an answer... “WHY AMERICA?” Why did the Pilgrims of a few centuries ago want to come to this “new world?” And why are there still many doing the same thing today?


In God We Trust 6 (2013)

"IN GOD WE TRUST!" It's our National Motto, and on all of our currency. Let's praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to live in the United States Of America! In this series Pastor Garry continues the yearly tradition at Fellowship Church of examining America's Godly Heritage!


In God We Trust 7 (2014)

With this series Pastor Garry Clark continues a tradition at Fellowship Church, now in it's seventh year! At the end of June, we begin to focus on our Godly Heritage in the United States of America! IN GOD WE TRUST! In both the 9 & 10:30am services, we will learn and discover that it's all about God making us free.


In God We Trust 8 (2015)

Pastor Garry continues the tradition and focuses on our Godly Heritage in the United States of America as he presents the series, "In God We Trust 8."


Inside Job (2006)

Churches do not fall apart from the outside, but from the inside. It is always an inside job!

In this six message series, Pastor Garry Clark candidly deals with Church Hurts and what Hurts the Church! He uses the troubled church at Corinth as the back drop for addressing the current crisis in so many Evangelical Churches today.


It Be Hot (2010)

Summers still get really HOT, especially in South Florida! Pastor Garry Clark originally preached this sermon series in 2006 (see the listing below). But, you know what? This summer seems to be much hotter than in the years past. So Pastor Garry decided to change it up a little and dish it out as only he can. So settle in and be blessed as we get into the HOT Word of God.


It Be Hot (2006)

Summers get really HOT, especially in South Florida! Pastor Garry Clark uses this reality in presenting these five HOT, video-illustrated and scripture filled messages.


Jesus (2006)

In this four part series Pastor Garry Clark will take you into the Word of God so that you can get to know Jesus better. What does His name mean? What is He really like?


Jesus Christ: It's All About Him! (2016)

Join Pastor Garry in this new series which is all about Jesus Christ...


Jesus Christ Strong (2015)

Pastor Garry revisits a series on the incredible strength of our Savior, and how we can rely on that strength and be “Jesus Strong!”


Jesus Christ Strong (2011)

This new Easter Series is called JESUS CHRIST STRONG! We desperately need His strength, and we can have it! Pastor Garry will help us understand how, in the message: THE MAN!

Jesus Christ had a MISSION when He was on this Earth. But He knew exactly why He came, and what He would face. Yet He faithfully pressed forward anyway... Regardless of the suffering, and regardless of the pain! Don't you want that kind of Strength? JESUS CHRIST STRONG!

What Jesus endured at the hands of sinners was incredible! Pastor Garry focuses on the strength of Jesus in the message “The Madness!”

Pastor Garry's Easter message is called The Morning, and he’s going to show us Jesus’ incredible strength... IN PLAIN ENGLISH: “Jesus Christ kicked satan’s tail!” He defeated Death, Hell and the Grave! This is a powerful message, so get ready to get strong!


Jesus Son Of Man & Son Of God (2014)

Pastor Garry Clark will close out this Christmas Season with two messages that completely and totally focus on Jesus Christ! He came to us as a Man, but He was all God! It is so amazing what He did for us.


Journey Of Joy (2010)

In the series, "Journey Of Joy" Pastor Garry Clark starts off with a focus on someone who often gets left out of the Christmas story - John the Baptist, the Prophet of the Highest... His birth was an incredible miracle too!

The most obvious journey would be that of Mary and Joseph as they made their way to Bethlehem. We will be taken into the Word of God to take a great look at the Christmas story in "The Journey Of Mary And Joseph."

Pastor Garry takes us for an interesting look at "The Journey Of Joseph" and how he had to believe and trust in God's plan.

The Shepherds and Wise Men came from different places but their destination was the same. Pastor Garry ends the series "Journey Of Joy" with the details of their incredible journeys.


Jubilee (2012)

JUBILEE! The trumpets would sound throughout the land, and incredible celebrations would take place, proclaiming “I AM FREE!” In this message Pastor Garry is going to help us understand what Jubilee should ‘mean to me!'


just DO it! (2018)

It's Super Bowl Sunday and Pastor Garry Clark's messages in both services wants us to focus on being winners, no matter how tough the odds are in the game of life! If you want to be a ‘Conqueror’ in this life, you’re going to need to... JUST DO IT!


Just Do It Must Do It! (2007)

There are two things that we continue to do today, just as Jesus Christ did when He walked the earth 2,000 years ago. They are Communion and Baptism...

But what do these two things mean and why are we to continue them now? Are they really that important? Does Jesus specifically say to keep doing them?

In this special two-part series, Pastor Garry Clark gives us clear and reasonable answers to these questions, and a whole lot more. Many have said that "these are the best messages they have ever heard on Baptism and Communion."


JZ (2016)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark looks at two Bible characters, Josiah and Zechariah.


Keep Faith Alive In (2005)

In this message Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Book of Hebrews in order to show us how to Keep Our Faith Alive in 2005 and live the way God wants us to live.


Keep The Faith! (2016)

Pastor Garry's series called KEEP THE FAITH!" should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." ~ Jude 3.


Keepsakes At Christmas (2009)

Pastor Garry had the idea of studying the Word of God at Christmas with the purpose of finding treasures that he could tell the church about. In this four part series Pastor Garry does just that. He shares with us the treasures for Dispelling Fear, for Developing Faith, for Discovering Favor, and for Disciplined Feet.


King Jesus! (2017)

We truly need to thank God for sparing our families, our church, our community and our area of Florida. Join Pastor Garry as he shows us the need to turn our "Fear Into Praise!


Kingdom Come Or Kingdom Now? (2014)

Kingdom Come? Or Kingdom Now? The main theme is the main thing! In more than 50 sayings and parables Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God! In this message series Pastor Garry will help us discover what is absolutely essential for Kingdom living, giving, trusting, and praying.


Law & Order (2016)

America's Founding Fathers knew that it was only natural to turn to the Bible for guidance when making civil law! From the Mayflower Compact, to every State's own Constitution, God and the Ten Commandments have a major role in our rule of law. Pastor Garry examines how our nation's "Law & Order" is based on the Bible!


Leaders Lead (2013)

In this series Pastor Garry teaches on how you can be a strong, solid leader. He begins with RISE UP! Jesus rose from the dead, so we can Rise Up and LEAD! (That's what Leaders do!) A good leader gives precedence to the things that are most important. This almost always involves giving up yourself! Desiring to be a spiritual leader is a good and honorable thing! It, however, will require you to " Live Up" to some certain expectations. But it's not just a pastor's qualifications, but ALL of ours! Life is the Real Gym! The Real Gym ain't life... PUSH UP! As a leader in the faith, you are going to have to commit to your calling! It's time to... STEP UP!


...Lest We Forget! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark speaks on an incredible subject in this message, God and His blessings on this nation! "Lest We Forget" is very, very powerful!


Let's Get Things Done (2014)

Pastor Garry Clark challenges us as he takes us on a personal walk through our gorgeous Worship Center. He will show us the fantastic things to come, if we all work together and commit to Get Things Done!


Life's Too Short Not To Fish! (2008)

The parallels between Florida Saltwater Fishing and Fishing for Jesus Christ is uncanny. This is a message that both men and women will really enjoy.


Looking Forward (2012)

As we "anticipate" completion of our new facility, Pastor Garry will show us in this stand alone sermon how we need to be "Looking Forward" to everything that God has in store for each one of us.


Losing Some Rounds...But Winning The Fight (2014)

For me to think that I MUST WIN at everything in my life... is not reality!... is not Biblical!... is not the way God works!

The TRUTH is that when I lose, I find out who I am, and what I'm made of... And actually, it’s where I can discover my own TRUE VALUE and gain my own soul!


Love: Express It, Or Silence It? (2014)

In this series Pastor Garry will lead us in a unique study of the Old Testament book of Malachi. He will lead us to confront neglect, laziness and selfishness in our relationships.


Love: Hear It Or Silence It! (2018)

Pastor Garry Clark shows us how the Love of God is voiced in the Words of the Bible! But, we have to make the choice to either Hear It, Or Silence It!


Love Makes Church A Desirable Place (2016)

If you want to be a fisher of men you'll need to lead folks to church. But church needs to be a place where people really want to come!


Magnitude: God Is A Great God (2011)

Pastor Clark has a great message prepared on the MAGNITUDE of God, and how He is indeed a GREAT GOD!


Majoring On The Minors (2005)

The most obscure, misunderstood and least read books of the Bible are on the Minor Prophets. What are they about and what is God trying to tell us?

In this six part series, Pastor Garry Clark helps us discover the Major Points of the Minor Prophets. You will learn how remarkably applicable these ancient books are to the times in which we live today. You will also marvel at the amazing accuracy of the prophecies already fulfilled and verified through history as well as archaeological exploration.


Making It! (2011)

In this sermon series called "MAKING IT!" Pastor Gary takes the gloves off as he starts the series with the message "The Pit!" Pastor Garry is determined to not quit in the pit - but rather making it a brief Pit Stop instead... Don't miss this powerful and transparent message on Making It!

Then Pastor Garry continues to show us how we can MAKE IT! We started in The Pit. We learn how to have Hope, Faith, and Endurance. He teaches us to realize that rough storms and waves can 'perfect' us, how Words can heal us, and how Pain can actually make us stronger...

BUT NOW, you need to know that you are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and not a "piece of garbage!" Do not miss the very powerful closing message from Pastor Garry! You'll kick yourself if you do!


Making It Through (2014)

Pastor Garry show us how his yearly trips to Colorado help him to make it through challenging situations. Encouragement and instructions are given which will help us to handle the tough times so that we can make it through as well.


Making The Right Decisions In 2011 (2011)

In this sermon Pastor Garry will be helping us "Make Right Decisions in 2011!" Don't you want to make the right choices? Don't you want those New Years Resolutions to be easier to achieve? Then resolve to make the right decisions this coming year. The Bible can help you! Join Pastor Garry as he challenges us to get a good footing and aim for the Bull's Eye!


ManUp (2017)

Pastor Garry begins a brand new series called “MAN UP!” He’ll focus on men as we come up on Father’s Day next Sunday. But the messages are just as appropriate for women.


Maximum Vision! (2018)

Are there examples in the Bible where people saw the future with eyes of faith? Were they able to see past the struggles that they were experiencing to a time of results and reward?


Mercy (2013)

Pastor Garry will be leading us in an exploration of "MERCY" in this powerful message.


Mercy: Price Paid (2011)

Pastor Garry will be leading us in an exploration of MERCY in the powerful stand-alone message Price Paid!


Miracles (2014)

In this sermon series Pastor Garry Clark focuses on some wonderful Miracles!


Mixed Nuts! (2010)

There seems to be the assumption that most families are "normal". The therapy industry loves that! The fact is that all families are blessed with those who are sensible and those who are not. It has been that way since the beginning of time.

For this reason Pastor Garry put together this six part series called "Mixed Nuts!" He takes us into the scriptures for a chronological account of history. The Bible will show us that all families seem to have the "crazy" gene showing up from time to time. Join Pastor Clark as he journies into this "crazy" series!


Momma Said (2011)

The woman who had the most powerful and positive impact on the life of Pastor Garry, was his momma, Ann Clark Riley! 18 years later, after her brutal murder, some of her incredibly solid, Biblical sayings still ring loudly in his ears... Momma Said!


(we need) Mo' Leadership! (2009)

The greatest leader of all time was the man Moses. We all could use some of what he had, regardless of our position on the leadership ladder! We all need Mo' Leadership!

In this very transparent, seven-part series, Pastor Garry Clark zeros in on what made Moses effective in his leadership. You will discover the highs and lows and even some hardly discussed areas of Moses' life.


Mo'Mentum For Leadership! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark in this series looks at the leadership in the life of Moses: MO'MENTUM FOR LEADERSHIP!


More Off-Roading (2012)

In this series Pastor Garry is going to taking us to the Books of Micah, Amos, and Malachi for some More Off-Roading. During this time of Thanksgiving we will be looking at and focusing on some words like, serving, gratitude, and things like that by looking at the past to see what we can discover.


Move Me (2010)

The goal of Pastor Garry in this four part series is to take you into the scriptures and to talk to you about the power of the Holy Spirit from a personal level. But this is pastor's cry and prayer to God - Lord, "Move Me!" - not in a spooky way but rather to "Move Me" in my life; where I can be a better man, father, husband, pastor, person, child of God. I want to be used of You; I want more of You and less of me.

Join Pastor Garry Clark as he takes you into the Word of God so that you can also ask God to "Move Me."


My Christmas Carol (2011)

Pastor Garry is going to take a look at what his life and his Christmas' were like before Jesus came into his world. Then we’re going to see how that past became his Christmas Present! Wanna know what’s in the box? And finally the special message which is one of “Great Hope” in this Christmas Story. “MY CHRISTMAS FUTURE!” is something to look forward to.


My Christmas Past Received My Christmas Present (2013)

In this very personal message, Pastor Garry Clark talks about how he cannot remember the Christmases of his early youth. But instead remembers the GIFTS that God has given him since he accepted Christ that cold December Sunday morning in 1977. This is a powerful message that reflects on the Blessings of God...


My Father's Reflection (2015)

Join Pastor Garry as he preaches a special Father's Day sermon.


My Future's So Bright... I Gotta Wear Shades! (2011)

This is a fun series, but it's also going to be straight to the point, asking the question: “What is my responsibility for the future, and stepping into what God has planned for my life?” You need to have a positive outlook, knowing that God is with us. In order to insure that you have a bright future, you need to make sure you’re movin. It's also amazing how quickly your life can turn around if you just start to get it right. Your future is worth fighting for! "If you ain't dead yet - you ain't done yet!

Get ready for some powerful, super positive, high energy messages from Pastor Garry. Get ready to get motivated - BIG TIME!


My Shepherd (2015)

With this sermon Pastor Garry Clark encourages us from the most beloved of all the Psalms.


Mysteries (2017)

Pastor Garry looks at some mysterious subject matters that are actually addressed in the Bible! Let’s explore some MYSTERIES!.


Mystery Babylon (2012)

In this series we will look at “Mystery Babylon!” How can we break the spiritual bondage of this future No Man’s Land? Pastor Garry Clark will be showing us from the Bible...


Nailed (2007)

Alot of churches today are not preaching The Gospel, not preaching the Word of God anymore. Many of the new books out today about starting a church or growing a church want you to ask people for opinions and what they are looking for, and then preach around that.

At Fellowship Church we try our best to preach the Word of God. And in this three part message series Pastor Garry will help you get your relationship with God, Nailed. Whether you are a new Christian or a Christian of many years, this series will help you with your relationship with God.


Off-Roading (2010)

It is unfortunate when greatness is left undiscovered. Pastor Clark wants to take us on some adventures in Scripture that often are not part of our typical Bible lessons. Buckle up and get ready to head out to places that will inspire you as we go "Off-Roading."


On The Shore (2012)

Don't miss Pastor Garry Clark's series called “On The Shore”...a place where Jesus met people and changed their lives.


One Way, One Truth, One Life (2013)

In this series we examine the Book of Colossians which gives us 'combat training' against false religion. But there is One Way, One Truth, One Life! We must "Beware Of Satan's Tactics!"


Open Your Heart Before You Open The Door (2006)

This is a sermon on missions; on how to love people, and how to reach out to people. Why are people not being reached? Why are churches going down? Why are churches dying? Why are some churches as Cold As Ice? In this hard hitting message Pastor Garry Clark will answer these questions.


Parables: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2011)

In this series on an always intriguing subject Pastor Garry will be focusing on Jesus' brilliant illustrations.


Passages (2015)

Pastor Garry Clark brings us "PASSAGES: Bible Passages That People Are Passionate About! The series title itself is all that is needed to describe the series.


Pilgrims & Pioneers (2012)

Thanksgiving was first established on November 29th, 1623, three years after the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock! These men and women were courageous Christians whose legacy lives on in you and me - Or Does It? The series is called Pilgrims & Pioneers!


Post-It Notes From God (2005)

There are four books in the New Testament that are only one chapter in length. Pastor Garry calls them Post-It Notes From God!

In this series of messages, you will discover that truth without love can be cruel and legalistic, and that love without truth can be shallow and lead to an anything goes attitude. There must be balance.

These Post-It Notes From God will stick!


Power (2009)

Because of the "Power Of The Cross" we can be forgiven. Other religions base their significance on the teachings of their founders. Christianity's significance is based on the death of its founder. Pastor Garry dives right into this truth to show us that there is power in the cross.

Because of the "Power Of The Resurrection" we can live forever. The Greeks did not believe in the resurrection of the body. The church in Corinth had many problems; one of which was their skepticism concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no salvation and no power to anyone that does not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this sermon we are taken into the Book of Corninthians to see how Paul dealt with this issue.

Because of the "Power Of The Holy Spirit" we can make a difference. But! How can you do that? Join Pastor Garry as he teaches you the answer as it is revealed in the Bible.


Power & Victory (2012)

In this wonderful Easter Series Pastor Garry will be showing us that through the cross there is power, through Jesus Christ we have victory, and the Holy Spirit gives us power.


Prevailing Prince (2010)

In this four-part series Pastor Garry Clark will take us through a look at Israel from God's perspective and from His Word. We will explore past, current, and future events.


Prince/Prints Of Peace (2008)

How can the Prince of Peace with His Prints of Peace make an imprint on you? In this three part series Pastor Garry will take us into the Word of God to determine the meaning of the word shalom. We will also look into the darker side of the Christmas story; a look at a sinister plot.

What kind of impression is He making on me? What kind of mark is he making on me? Am I now showing the prints going forth out of my life? Join Pastor Garry to get the answers to these questions.


Psalm 23 (2011)

During these trying times, Pastor Clark has found that Psalm 23 has become a place of refuge and strength for him. So, in this stand alone sermon Pastor Garry is going to look at the 23rd Psalm and show you how you too can walk through that terrible valley, yet fear no evil!


Pursuit (2012)

What are you personally running after? What are you pursuing? Is it trivial or is it Spiritually meaningful? Join Pastor Garry as he goes into the Word of God for answers to these questions.


Raising The Bar (2015)

How do you go from the pit to the pinnacle? How can you go from the pit to the top? Find out!


Reach (2013)

In this series Pastor Garry shows us that Jesus reached way down, and that God has called each one of us to REACH out to people. By effectively reaching out to others and by experiencing God's forgiveness we can really shine as bright lights to a dark world...


Ready Yourself Every Day (2011)

Pastor Garry Clark is going to encourage you to not only survive, but thrive as you live your life for Jesus Christ! His sermon is called Ready Yourself Every Day...


Real (2017)

Pastor Clark focuses on being "REAL" and centers in on Peter.


Real (2007)

There is one man in the New Testament that God seemed to put the spotlight on, so we could be encouraged to live in reality and transparency - That man was Peter!


Real Fishing! (2016)

Do you wanna do some fishing? Let's actually learn from the Master Caster on how to be a 'fisher of men.'


Real Life (2017)

Pastor Clark focuses on being "REAL" and centers in on Paul.


Real Life (2013)

We can all use a little help in this thing we call "REAL LIFE!" No one is beyond hope! We'll see the complete turn-around of the man Saul... Pastor Garry Clark will show us that we need to humble ourselves. This is REAL LIFE, and that means we sometimes get hurt! PAIN & TESTINGS can make us stronger followers of Jesus Christ.


Reality Check (2012)

What is Fellowship Church about, and what is Fellowship Church not about? Pastor Garry followed God’s direction and God’s Word when starting this ministry. So, where are we today, and is the focus of Fellowship Church still to “Love Jesus and Love People?”


REHAB (2010)

To be honest, most of us recognize certain areas of our lives that could use a little tweaking. That is the purpose of this series by Pastor Garry Clark.

We will discover Biblical principles and Godly examples of those who successfully redefined their lives as the Holy Spirit did a transforming work in their hearts. The series is called "REHAB." We all could use a little fixin!


Relate (2010)

Relate is a series on relationships. Fellowship Church is called to "Relate" with one another; to reach out and love people; to talk to people; to encourage people.

How do I do that with my friends? How do I do that in my marriage? How do I do that in my relationships?

In this seven part series Pastor Clark will take us into the Word of God to get answers to these questions and others. Join Pastor Garry as we learn how to "Relate."


Remember Your Creator! (2006)

In this three-part series Pastor Garry Clark and internationally renounced biologist and paleantologist Dr. Gary Parker, team up together to help you Remember Your Creator!


Renewal: A Revival Of Our Minds & Hearts (2014)

There is a war between the flesh and the Spirit in each and every one of us! But, because I have Faith in Jesus Christ, the Spirit is in my heart and revealed in the Bible. For us to return to a consciousness of God, and for us to be effective for God, there are certain steps that we must take!


Renewal: Revive Us Again (2013)

There is a war that rages inside every one of us. It's the Flesh against the Spirit. One of these two is gonna win! But, the winner is totally up to you! In this series Pastor Garry Clark will identify the enemy and with a very interesting 'step-by-step' process will lead us to restoration...


R.E.S.P.E.C.T (2011)

In this three part series Pastor Garry will be looking at how you need to have a respect for others, a respect for yourself, and in the first message, a RESPECT for GOD! You gotta have it!

The first four of the Ten Commandments focused on GOD! The next six focus on Others! In the second message, Pastor Garry takes a look at how our actions and attitudes need to be respectful as we interact with the people in our lives... RESPECT OTHERS!

Pastor Garry has shown us how to Respect God, how to Respect Others, and in the final message, how to Respect Yourself! Do you give yourself the respect you deserve? Pastor Garry is gonna show you how to...RESPECT YOURSELF!


reStart (2012)

How can you begin again when life leaves you dead in the middle of the road? How can you reGroup, reLoad, reFresh, and reSTART your life, and keep moving down the highway? Well, today, we’re gonna find some answers and some help... To begin again, you'll need a... reSTART!


Reverse Of The Curse (2016)

What will it take to REVERSE THE CURSE of man? When Jesus returns, it is going to be like before Adam & Eve allowed sin to curse the Earth!!! Don't miss this hard-hitting message from Pastor Cooper!


Rough & Real (2011)

Pastor Garry's series called "Rough & Real" is all about some 'tough talk' from the book of James! Get ready for some strong words to wake you up! Are you ready to get real?


R U Kiddin' Me? (2011)

Do you wanna laugh? Do you wanna Smile? Do you wanna be Happy? It's a choice you have to make! Laughter is good medicine. Join Pastor Garry for the new series R U Kiddin’ Me? You‘ll meet a man whose life was anything but dull. As a matter of fact, most of it was downright funny! Get ready to learn and laugh.


R.U.N.? Are You In Christ (2008)

Join Pastor Clark for the ride of your life as he leads you through the phenomenal Book of Ephesians. This little book has been called "The Apostle Paul's Third Heaven Epistle."


Running Strong And Finishing Well (2017)

Pastor Garry is going to take us on a little Boat Trip that will help us to be RUNNING STRONG & FINISHING WELL in 2017!


12: The Number Of The Church (2014)

In this very special mesage Pastor Garry Clarkf ocuses on the number 12, and how it plays a significant role in many aspects of the Bible! It's a message you don't want to miss...


Samson: A Not So Super Man! (2012)

If there is one person in the Bible who is like Superman... It's Samson! In this message series Pastor Garry takes us into the Word of God to take a closer look at this Biblical strong man.


Sensing God (2013)

We've been created in the likeness of God and He wants to communicate with us. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." ~ Revelation 3:6... "I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me." ~ Proverbs 8:17... "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." Psalm 37:23... I wanna feel God, from the top of my head, to the bottoms of my feet! "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby: If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious." 1 Peter 2-3 | If I'm going to Sense God, I need to desire His presence in my life. It's a sweet savor... OH, TASTE AND SMELL! Non-Sensing God is really just "Upside-Down Thinking!" Shall the clay say to the potter 'you didn't make me?' It's nonsense to tell your Maker that He didn't make you! What happens when we think with that kind of "upside-down thinking?"


Seven (2010)

On this seventh anniversary of Fellowship Church, Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Word of God and looks at the "Number 7" as it is used in the Bible.


Smart-Ness (2012)

I want to have knowledge and make good decisions… God wants that for me too! Pastor Garry takes us into the Book of Proverbs to show us how to make good decisions, trust God, be wise, like what God likes, and to be heart smart.


Smart Start (2007)

God wants every believer to know wisdom, to perceive understanding, and to receive instruction. He desires for each of us to have a Smart Start to each and every day.

In this five part series, Pastor Garry Clark challenges us from the Book of Proverbs. You will discover how to start being smart, how to trust the Lord, how not to tick God off, how to have the best relationships and friendships, and how to have some really great money smarts!


Something Wicked Comes (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark's sermon series for the ‘spooky season’ of the year! We will explore some End Of Days issues.


Something Wicked Comes... (2010)

Every October while people everywhere seem to get spooky, Pastor Garry Clark makes it a practice to reveal that there truly are some frightening events ahead. These terrifying predictions were not scripted, however, by a Hollywood producer. They are in fact prophecies that are a millennia old and now their shadows are ominously near. Join Pastor Garry for some "heavy revy" as he looks at what the world will be facing in the future.


SOS (2006)

The Song Of Solomon is without a doubt the most attacked and misunderstood book in all the Word of God. It seems so out of place in a book called... The Bible!

WHY? Because of it's cut to the chase, no holds barred language on love and love making.

Pastor Garry believes that your life and your marriage will be enriched and affected for the good by this four part series.


Spirit Control (2006)

In this message Pastor Garry examines key target areas of sinful tendancies, and how we can be victorious through yielding to the Holy Spirit's control.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit are available for every child of God. Discover what they are, what they're for and see your "Spirit Life" radically changed!


Stand (2010)

In a world where it seems as if everything around us is falling apart, we need to bear up and endure. The purpose of this series is to strengthen our spirits so we may stay on course. If you are going to stand for God it will only happen if you intentionally do it.

Join Pastor Garry Clark as he takes us into the Word of God and shows us how to "Stand" up for and firmly on the promises that the Bible teaches.


Stand And Fight (2016)

In this series Pastor Garry encourages us to stand strong by knowing the Word of God, and by understanding the enemy and his tactics.


Stand And Fight (2014)

Pastor Garry Clark is going to help us recognize an enemy that is ever seeking to destroy our faith! But, in order to fight back, you first need to know who you're fighting! Since I'm a believer in Jesus Christ, the enemy knows he does not, and cannot have my soul! He will, however, do any and every thing to tear me down! In this series you will learn how to be "A Six Shooter!"


Standing In Vision (2016)

Pastor Garry takes a look at the vision that God has given us the opportunity to enjoy, if we only look!


Star Watch 2016 (2016)

Pastor Garry Clark in this amazing new series explores our incredible universe.


Star Watch (2010)

In this series, Pastor Garry Clark leads us on an exploration of scripture and science to discover the Majesty and Glory of the Heavens. You'll learn the true meaning of The Constellations of the Zodiac and be free to understand that the heavens really do declare the Glory of God.


Still Standing (2010)

In this four-part series, Pastor Garry Clark helps us to be courageous as we face incredible challenges and difficulties. Each message is real and anchored in the truth of the Word of God!


Taking Responsibility (2014)

Every soldier for Jesus Christ must bear their own pack. And while tough, there are some burdens that are ours alone. But, there is someone who can give us the rest we need... Pastor Garry also takes a look at some clear areas where it is our responsibility to help bear another person's burdens. Without us, they may not be able to make it on their own. And finally the reality that if you're always talking about tomorrow, you'll never get anything done today! And since it's the start that stops most people, Pastor Garry Clark is going to show us that... LIVING TODAY IS MY RESPONSIBILITY!


Thank You (2013)

One of the most effective ways to communicate to other people about what Jesus Christ has done for you, is to simply be THANKFUL! In this message series Pastor Garry encourages us to say... THANK YOU!!!! And By expressing Gratitude, and by showing Appreciation, you can endear yourselves to others, and even gain entrance into their hearts. It's pretty amazing that two little words can be so inviting... YOU'RE WELCOME!!


Thanksgiving (2016)

Join Pastor Garry Clark in this "Thanksgiving" sermon series.


Thanksgiving Heritage (2015)

In this series Pastor Garry takes a look at the History of Thanksgiving, and what it really means to the Christian believer! Giving Thanks to God, as well as Giving of Yourself To Others is what it's all about!


Thanksgiving Leaves (2005)

What does Thanksgiving Leave? We have eyes that can see; we see things like we never saw them before. We have a tongue that can praise. We have a mind that can know. We have a heart that can worship. We cannot worship God without a thankful heart. Worship is born out of thanksgiving.

But... What happens when Thanksgiving Leaves? We are no longer grateful, no longer thankful.

Join Pastor Garry Clark as he takes us into the Word of God to discover Thanksgiving Leaves.


The Best Life Possible (2014)

If you want to have the 'Best Life Possible,' you need to start by doing one thing, Put God First! Doing this is the beginning of knowledge. Where is it that you put your trust? Pastor Garry is going to show us what happens when we don't hold back, and completely put all of our trust in God...


The Best Life...The Blessed Life (2013)

Are blessings that God has for me conditional? What exactly is my part? What is it that I have to do in order to get the blessings flowing in my own life? Lets start the New Year off right with a brand new series, "THE BEST LIFE... THE BLESSED LIFE!"


The Biggest Loser (2011)

We have a new Worship Series beginning today. It's got a familiar name, but the subject matter is completely different. It's called "THE BIGGEST LOSER" and it's about getting into Spiritual Shape!

Today's message is called "Carrying His Cross!" Don't you think you need to be in shape to carry something as big as the Cross of Calvary? Don't miss this hard hitting, straight forward and effective new sermon series!


The Blood Moon & The Rising Son (2014)

We're about to experience four consecutive "Blood Moons," beginning this coming Tuesday. But, does the Bible have anything to say about these types of eclipses? And what does this have to do with Easter???? Well, Pastor Garry is going to show us, in this brand new series called "The Blood Moon & The Rising Son!"


The Courage Of Christ (2005)

When we look in the Word of God we see servants of God who were courageous men. Moses showed courage when he went to Pharaoh and said, "Let My People Go." Joshua had to have great courage to take over for Moses in the leadership of God's chosen people. Joseph who was sold by his brothers demonstrated great courage in the face of extreme adversity.

In this five part series Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Bible to look at the "Courage of Christ." When it comes to courage nobody can hold a candle to Jesus Christ.


The End Game (2008)

What is happending today in the world in which we live? During this series entitled, "The End Game," Pastor Garry will be looking at the states of five different areas that affect our lives. This is not a gloom and doom series; you can get that from the TV. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and study the Bible you know that there is some good news and some bad news.

Don't let what's happening in the world drive you away from God! Listen to Pastor Garry as he tries to let you in on "The End Game."


The Feelings Of Jesus (2013)

What did Jesus feel from the Garden to the Cross? And what does it all mean to you and me? The Bible gives clear details as to what the witnesses of the resurrection were feeling ~ especially about who they thought He was. In this message series we'll be exploring "The Feelings Of Jesus!"


The Final Solution (2010)

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators during the 1930s and 40s.

Two out of every three Jews were murdered during this time! Surely this would mean the final end of the Jews and Israel, wouldn't it? NOT SO FAST!

Pastor Garry Clark is going to show you how the Word of God is true, and how a dispersed and murdered nation once again defied the odds to unify and prevail against a fate that seemed so sure!

This message is part of the Prevailing Prince message series which appears above on this listing.


The Gift Of The Present (2015)

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." ~ Matthew 6:21-22. Yesterday is gone! Tomorrow may never be mine! Sunday morning's messages from Pastor Garry Clark: THE GIFT OF THE PRESENT!


The Greatest Gift (2015)

In this series Pastor Garry shows us how blessed we are with, The Greatest Gift! "Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift." ~ 2 Corinthians 9:15


The Greatest Story (2015)

In this series Pastor Garry will be talking about ,"The Greatest Story!" "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. ~ John 3:16


The Greatest Is Love (2012)

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves...

LOVE NEVER FAILS! ~ 1 Corinthians 13


The Heart Of The Savior (2008)

Can you imagine what it was like when the Heart of our Lord and Savior actually stopped beating?

In this two-part Passion Series, Pastor Garry Clark will help us discover and experience the undying love that Jesus Christ has for each of us. These messages will deepen your appreciation for Jesus, and encourage you to greater levels of commitment.


The Human Condition (2013)

THE HUMAN CONDITION... We all have it, and we all do it! This condition even hissssses when you call it by it's name... SIN! We've all been bitten by it, but what's the antidote?


The Hunt (2010)

In this two week series on Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday Pastor Garry Clark walks us through passion week, when Jesus was on this earth.

As Jesus was carrying His cross He was hunting, hunting for people. There were five individuals that touched His life around the cross; they were in the "Cross Hairs Of Christ." They became targets that were hit. Are you a target that's been hit?

The title of part two of the series is "The Camouflaging Of Christ." Why the weird title? Join Pastor Clark as he takes you into the Word of God to find out why.


The Journey Of Fellowship (2015)

It's our 13th Anniversary at Fellowship Church, and it's been quite the journey! Pastor Garry Clark will be taking a little trip back in time, to show you the incredible story of Fellowship Church ~ How we started, where we came from, and where we are! God has truly blessed this church body... Pastor Garry's brother, Terry Clark, will also be coming to the stage and encouraging us with a very brief talk from God's Word! We love brother Terry!


The Journey Of Thanks! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark takes us on a little journey, a "Journey Of Thanks!" This message is very 'illustrated & visual' in it's presentation so we encourage you to check it out on YouTube. You don't want to miss out as Pastor Garry speaks from his heart with a very special "Thank You" to everyone at Fellowship!


The Last Days According to Jesus Christ (2006)

Jesus Christ was asked many questions while on the earth, and by far, the longest answer that Jesus ever gave was to the question concerning His coming again and the end of the world.

In this six message sermon series, Pastor Garry Clark examines Jesus' answer as recorded in Matthew Chapters 24 and 25.


The Letters In Red (2017)

Pastor Garry in this series focuses on the Words of Jesus Christ ~ better known as THE LETTERS IN RED!


The Love Of Brothers (2012)

This is a very special stand-alone message that will stress the importance of ‘brotherly love!’ Prepare yourselves to be blessed by this encouraging sermon by Pastor Garry on loving one another.


The Mercy Seat (2013)

"Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation (The Mercy Seat) for our sins." ~ 1 John 4:10.


The Message Of Fellowship Church (2017)

It’s a special weekend here in Englewood. On Monday, we come together to celebrate the pioneers who founded this area. So, Pastor Garry Clark is going to keep that theme relevant with two messages in one! In both of Sunday’s services, he will look at how Fellowship Church is indeed a Pioneer of ‘firsts’ in our town. Then he’ll show us real purpose of Fellowship Church! Why are we here? Prepare To Say WOW!


The Mission (2013)

"For with God nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37 ~ The name Jesus means 'God Saves!' It was not only His name, but His MISSION statement. God's plan, and Jesus' sacrifice is simply INCREDIBLE!


The Passion Of Jesus (2005)

In Message One of this series Pastor Garry gives us a different Palm Sunday message than usual. Have you ever been disappointed with God? Are you disappointed with God right now? This is very easy to do and it usually happens when somebody has hurt you, or a situation has hurt you. Pastor Garry answers the question, "Why Would God Let This Happen?

In Message Two "The Case Is Made For The Resurrection", and in the last message we learn "How The Resurrection Gives Purpose For My Life."

The Power Of His Might (2015)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark teaches about our battles with satan.


The Power Of The Holy Spirit (2014)

Acts 1:8 says "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you... In This message series Pastor Garry Clark answers the question, "WHY DO I NEED HIM?" He then focuses in on how, with the Power of the Holy Spirit, "I Can Make A Difference!" He finishes up discussing an enlightening topic that you definitely don't want to miss!!!


The Prince Of Peace (2013)

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6...


The Quest: A Journey To Blessing (2012)

Don’t you want some blessings in life? In this series Pastor Garry shows us that we should wanna be blessed and that God can bless a mess!


The Real Truth Of Islam (2014)

Noted Author and Historian William Federer is the host of "American Minute," heard on radio stations nationwide. He is also host of television's "Faith In History!" In this message Mr. Federer gives us a very brief look at the history and founding of the Islamic religion, and reveals many of the incredible 'Islamic' events that shaped the history of Christianity, Western Civilization, and the United States of America itself!


The Ship You're On (2013)

The word FellowSHIP basically means: Two or more people, in the same ship, going the same direction, working together to accomplish the same purpose! What Pastor Garry wants to know is, do you know The Ship You're On?


The Sounds Of Christmas! (2017)

Pastor Garry kicks off the Christmas season.


The Spirit Of Christmas (2014)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark declares "I WANT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!" He's also guessing that you want it too. Listen up and you'll learn how those in the Christmas narrative had the Holy Spirit's help in making it all happen...


The Ten Commandments (2007)

The Big Ten! The battle still rages about the constitutional legality of displaying the Ten Commandments on publicly owned property in the United States. In this unique word/picture association message, Pastor Garry challenges us to chisel them in our hearts! Nobody can move them from there! This sermon is guaranteed to make you laugh and learn!


Things Mamma Said (2015)

In this special message Pastor Garry tells us about his mamma, and how her Godly influence shaped the life he now lives! The love she showed to her family and others, and the example she gave to those who knew her well, can be most easily be described by hearing the Things Mamma Said!


Think Or Not To Think (2012)

We are challenged in the scriptures to use our minds to think… And at times we are even encouraged not to think! The believers mind is the real battlefield. Understanding what to think and when to think, is vital to our succeeding, and even our survival.


Top Picks (2006)

This is a special stand alone message in which Pastor Clark will discuss how you can realize your potential by prioritizing. He takes us into the Word of God with a realization that God has favorites in the Bible, and he shows us what God says about some of his special servants.


Traveling Light (2011)

There are problems and things in our life that absolutely stress us out! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some answers to help us with some of the “mess that causes us so much stress?”

God knows our potential! Unfortunately, we don’t always know it ourselves! He beckons us to come and follow Him, but once we look down, we begin to sink! Pastor Garry is gonna show us how to lighten up, and never sink!

God has called us to be a “LIGHT” to the world. But most often, it’s the suffering that we have endured, that shines the most. It’s a fact that people will listen and learn from those that have “been there, done that!”


Treasures (2011)

Pastor Garry had the idea of studying the Word of God at Christmas with the purpose of finding treasures that he could tell the church about. In this four part series Pastor Garry does just that. He shares with us the treasures for Dispelling Fear, for Developing Faith, of Jesus, and for Disciplined Feet.


Triple Crown Discipleship (2013)

Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Leader! He is someone we can relate to... Someone we can follow! The problem is not with our Leader! It's with you and me! Let's follow THE LEADER in His humility, His integrity, and His heart for God and people.


True Value (2013)

Everybody has value!!! Appreciating your spouse, your kids, and your friends, shows them how much they really matter! How can I truly appreciate the relationships God has given me? Pastor Garry Clark has the key... LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS!!!


Truths About Islam (2015)

Bill Federer, author, historian, and our friend, is the host of "American Minute," heard on radio stations nationwide, as well as host of television's "Faith In History!" In this series he teaches us truths about Islam.


UFO (2007)

Pastor Garry doesn't get too spooky in this series, but he doesn't back away from the reality that God does seriously work in mysterious ways.


UFO (2014)

It's not UNUSUAL to have Faith! But, we should focus and exercise the USUAL instead of being overly enamored in the unusual! But, what about when we're asleep? And what about near death experiences, what does the Bible have to say about them? In this message series Pastor Garry will answer these questions so you don't want to miss it.


UHaul (2010)

Pastor Garry takes you into the Bible to show you that there is so much available to help you. BUT! Excuses will never cut it.


Unconditional Love (2012)

In this series called “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!” Pastor Garry will be looking at GOD’S LOVE: It’s what Christmas is all about!

But God, Who is rich in Mercy for His Great Love, wherewith He Loved us. Ephesians 2:4


Under Construction (2012)

Pastor Garry Clark in this message series focuses on one of the Bible’s most prolific wall builders, the man Nehemiah. Nehemiah had some wall building struggles and we are shown that when building, "Attitude" is everything.


Unto Us Is Given (2012)

Unto Us Is Given the incredible opportunity to have PEACE with God! For Unto Us Is Given... LIGHT! Do you want the Light of Jesus Christ to shine through you every day, especially around Christmas time? What you really wanna be is a Christmas Tree! For Unto Us Is Given... PURPOSE! Now that Jesus Christ is in Heaven He has left us a special purpose, to be His Body! Do you have the Hope that one day Jesus will return to this Earth and call His people home? For Unto Us Is Given ...Hope!


Up (2014)

In this message Terry Clark will show us how what goes up, must come down!!! Are you an "up" person? An "up" Christian? Most people will forget what you say and do. But what they'll never forget, is how you made them feel! Come on... It's time to get UP!


Victory In Jesus (2014)

In this series Pastor Garry lays out some keys for living the victorious life.


Victory: Learning From Leaders(2014)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark will take some of God's victorious leaders in the Bible and show you how God used them to WIN!


Vision! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark celebrates the Easter Season. It's a powerful season of Worship!


Vision: Without It People Perish (2013)

In this message Pastor Garry takes us on a journey through eleven years of Vision, eleven years of Purpose! He's going back to the beginning, with some fun, yet encouraging accomplishments that Fellowship Church has been blessed with.


Vital Signs (2011)

This prophecy series will take a look at the EKG of today’s world, and give us a diagnosis of the symptoms. Join Pastor Garry and get a dose of the Bible, STAT!


Walls (2012)

Pastor Garry Clark’s brother Terry will be speaking about “WALLS” in this message. We all experience them but how do we become overcomers?


*WARD (2012)

This series by Pastor Garry Clark has one of the craziest titles that he has ever done. We start out by "Looking Inward," then we see how important "Pressing Onward" is in our daily lives. From there we "Rise Upward," and finally we are shown that as a result of our faith we should be "Expecting Reward!"


Was It Enough? (2014)

Was It Enough? Was what Jesus Christ did on the cross enough? How can we be absolutely sure that Jesus Christ's death and resurrection was enough to save me from my sins and keep me from the wrath of God? You don't want to miss this important message!


wazz up with dat? (2005)

This is a six part message series that deals with commonly asked questions that boggle the minds of the Unchurched and Churched alike. Why would God give His Son to be brutally murdered? Why would God love me? Why still believe such an old book like the Bible? Why pray? Why give money to a church? And why does God judge?

This series will strengthen your faith and give you resolve as you seek to live each day as a witness for Jesus Christ.


We're Doing It (2012)

Pastor Garry is beginning a brand new, motivating message series to "Kick Off The New Year" called WE'RE DOING IT! And if you're waiting on things to be perfect before you get moving in the right direction, you're going to be waiting a very long time! It's that big word START that stops most people! Join us for the message DO IT NOW, to Get Going, and Get It Done!


We're Pioneers! (2017)

It’s a special weekend here in Englewood. On Monday, we come together to celebrate the pioneers who founded this area. So, Pastor Garry Clark is going to keep that theme relevant with two messages in one! In both of Sunday’s services, he will look at how Fellowship Church is indeed a Pioneer of ‘firsts’ in our town. Then he’ll show us real purpose of Fellowship Church! Why are we here? Prepare To Say WOW!


What Do You See? (2013)

Terry Clark, Pastor Garry's incredible brother, will bless you with his kindness, his love, and his endearing Southern Style in this message. So listen in with us!


Why America Is Free (2013)

Have you ever sat and wondered "Why America Is Free?" In this special message Pastor Garry Clark explains why he’s certain that God has something to do with it, and still does!


Why Memorial Day (2013)

In Romans 13:7 we are told to 'Give Honor To Whom Honor Is Due!' Today, Fellowship Church celebrates our Freedom with, "Why Memorial Day, " a very special message by Pastor Garry.


Why Wouldn't Ya? (2011)

Why wouldn’t ya put God first in your life? He’s the foundation, the starting place, the beginning of wisdom! Why wouldn’t you want this in your life? Pastor Garry is also going to show us how to put our hearts in His hands. He gives us some Biblical wisdom on how to be wise, and not a fool; some insight for self evaluation, and a personal mesage that you will not want to miss.


Winning The Game Of My Life (2014)

It's BIG GAME SUNDAY, and most of the players in that game think that it's the biggest game of their lives... But It Really Isn't!!!! Winning on the field of our own lives is Much, Much Bigger!


Winning Not Whining (2012)

You can be a winner regardless of your past struggles and past failures. It’s all about “attitude,” and how you react to the positives and negatives in your life. It starts with living in the NOW... TODAY!


WOW! (2017)

Pastor Garry kicks off the Christmas season.


Xtreme (2005)

This is a five part message series called Xtreme...Events From The Book Of Daniel. Some things are just weird and that's what you see when you read the Book Of Daniel. These things will catch your attention.

Pastor Garry will take us into this book of the Bible to explore these "weird things" that are also powerful.

Sometimes things are just "black and white" and you have to be intolerant, even if the world judges us as being "Xtreme." You have to let go of your ego. If you want to get closer to the Lord, you have to find out what God is doing and get in on it. You need to know what to do when things get shaky. Pastor Garry shows us how we have to stay firm on Jesus Christ.


Yes Way! (2016)

Pastor Garry's series called YES WAY! "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." ~ John 14:6.