Sermons On Living Victoriously


5 Yards To Go (2014)

Today is a very special day at Fellowship, and Pastor Garry Clark will encourage us 'Big Time' with a building-focused message called... FIVE YARDS TO GO!


 A High Place

A High Place (2012)

In Message One Pastor Garry is going to show us how we can put the peddle to the metal and leave our troubles in the past ~ he'll show us how we can take it to "A High Place!" Then in Message Two he is going to take you higher. But to get there, you’ll need to Take Hold Of What Took Hold Of You because only ONE can deliver you. "Jesus... My Deliverer!" And finally he wants to show you how you too can smell “Mountain Fresh!” That may sound funny but it’s easy to tell when you’re getting higher in your Christian walk, it just smells differently! How are you smelling today?



Armor All (2005)

This is a four part series about putting on the armor of God. The first thing you have to realize is that there is a real war going on. A spiritual war is being fought and Christians are involved in it whether you want to believe it or not. The enemy is satan.

Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Word of God to show us how to put on the full armor of God. We must understand that our misconceptions about the Word of God or our opinions about what the Bible says will not cut it in the spiritual fight. Why? Cause the devil knows the Word! We have to follow the example of others in the Bible such as Jesus Christ who used God's Word to fight against the devil.



Calling Down Heaven In 2011 (2011)

In this sermon series Pastor Garry Clark will be showing us how we can be "Calling Down Heaven In 2011!" Do you want to be "clicking on all 8 cylinders" this coming year? Well, you need to listen to message one on the Victory 8 (V8) and how the Bible can fuel your engine in 2011!

In message two Pastor Garry will remind us that we can accomplish the impossible by speaking the Word.



Catch The Wave (2007)

Have you ever met certain followers of Jesus Christ who really had a contagious and victorious walk with the Lord? I mean they were genuine and real regardless of the struggle or success; they were riding high through the power of the Holy Spirit!

In this five message video illustrated series, Pastor Garry Clark teaches us, in an easy to understand format, how to ride the Waves of Faith, Grace, Power, Goodness and Giving!

A key scripture is presented in each message that can be easily committed to memory.



Double Vision (2015)

Pastor Garry will be showing us how that having "Double Vision" can actually be a good thing! When you think it's "curtains" for you, it's a really good time to look for a window! It might just let you see 'double thru that trouble.'



Driven (2006)

Jesus Christ had drive. He was motivated. Jesus walked in love and demonstrated courage. Do you want drive in your life?

In this three part series Pastor Garry Clark takes a look at What Drove Jesus, What Drove Jesus' Enemies, and What Drives A Christian?



Elevate! Taking It To Another Level! (2009)

This is a motivational six-part teaching series. Pastor Garry goes to the heights of the Book of Hebrews to help us all go deeper and reach higher than we've ever dared before. This series challenges both the new Christian, as well as the mature Christian.



Encouragement From The Old Pastor(2014)

In this series which is a study of 1 Timothy Pastor Garry will be will be encouraging us to be 'leaders' in the church.



Finishing (2010)

It's the start that stops most people. Many people never start anything in their entire lives. But alot of people start something and they never finish. That's not what's going to happen at Fellowhsip Church! We will finish what we have started!

How far have we come in the process of the new facility? This along with other questions will be answered in the first part of this message series. Pastor Garry Clark give us a detailed look at the process of building our new facility.

In the second part of the series we look at What It Takes To Finish? When it comes to finishing, Jesus wrote the book on it. Do you want to be a finisher in your life? Do you want to complete the course that God has layed out for your life? This series will help you do that by showing you that you need to be a Christ follower.

And in the last part we learn about Love Finishing. What Christ has started in us, the love of God is spread abroad in our hearts now and we must love all the way to the end.



Get Into The Boat (2005)

Jesus said...Get Into The Boat. There is good news for the guys; boating is in the Bible. There are big boats, little boats, bigger boats, fishing boats, boats Jesus preached from. This is a five part Florida summer series in which Pastor Garry Clark will have some fun while teaching us some things as well.



Goodbye Earl (2012)

The Bible says that the thief (satan) comes to kill, steal and destroy. So our daily walk is bound to be a daily fight! But, we have Jesus! And because of that fact we can have an Abundant Life!



Hey Jude! Keeping The Faith ... In Tough Times (2009)

Jude, the half-brother of Jesus, gives the church in the Last Days a stern warning and a challenge. He commands us to diligently fight for our faith. Do not give up and do not turn away...

Pastor Clark breaks this book down into four very hard hitting messages that will encourage you to keep the faith - REGARDLESS!



Keep Faith Alive In (2005)

In this message Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Book of Hebrews in order to show us how to Keep Our Faith Alive in 2005 and live the way God wants us to live.



Let's Get Things Done (2014)

Pastor Garry Clark challenges us as he takes us on a personal walk through our gorgeous Worship Center. He will show us the fantastic things to come, if we all work together and commit to Get Things Done!



Looking Forward (2012)

As we "anticipate" completion of our new facility, Pastor Garry will show us in this stand alone sermon how we need to be "Looking Forward" to everything that God has in store for each one of us.



Losing Some Rounds... But Winning The FIght (2014)

For me to think that I MUST WIN at everything in my life... is not reality!... is not Biblical!... is not the way God works!

The TRUTH is that when I lose, I find out who I am, and what I'm made of... And actually, it’s where I can discover my own TRUE VALUE and gain my own soul!



Making It (2011)

In this sermon series called "MAKING IT!" Pastor Gary takes the gloves off as he starts the series with the message "The Pit!" Pastor Garry is determined to not quit in the pit - but rather making it a brief Pit Stop instead... Don't miss this powerful and transparent message on Making It!

Then Pastor Garry continues to show us how we can MAKE IT! We started in The Pit. We learn how to have Hope, Faith, and Endurance. He teaches us to realize that rough storms and waves can 'perfect' us, how Words can heal us, and how Pain can actually make us stronger...

BUT NOW, you need to know that you are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and not a "piece of garbage!" Do not miss the very powerful closing message from Pastor Garry! You'll kick yourself if you do!



Making It Through (2014)

Pastor Garry show us how his yearly trips to Colorado help him to make it through challenging situations. Encouragement and instructions are given which will help us to handle the tough times so that we can make it through as well.



Making The Right Decisions In 2011 (2011)

In this sermon Pastor Garry will be helping us "Make Right Decisions in 2011!" Don't you want to make the right choices? Don't you want those New Years Resolutions to be easier to achieve? Then resolve to make the right decisions this coming year. The Bible can help you! Join Pastor Garry as he challenges us to get a good footing and aim for the Bull's Eye!



My Shepherd (2015)

With this sermon Pastor Garry Clark encourages us from the most beloved of all the Psalms.



Off-Roading (2010)

It is unfortunate when greatness is left undiscovered. Pastor Clark wants to take us on some adventures in Scripture that often are not part of our typical Bible lessons. Buckle up and get ready to head out to places that will inspire you as we go "Off-Roading."



Psalm 23 (2011)

During these trying times, Pastor Clark has found that Psalm 23 has become a place of refuge and strength for him. So, in this stand alone sermon Pastor Garry is going to look at the 23rd Psalm and show you how you too can walk through that terrible valley, yet fear no evil!


 Raising The Bar

Raising The Bar (2015)

How do you go from the pit to the pinnacle? How can you go from the pit to the top? Find out!



Ready Yourself Every Day (2011)

Pastor Garry Clark is going to encourage you to not only survive, but thrive as you live your life for Jesus Christ! His sermon is called Ready Yourself Every Day...



Rough & Real (2011)

Pastor Garry's series called "Rough & Real" is all about some 'tough talk' from the book of James! Get ready for some strong words to wake you up! Are you ready to get real?



R.U.N.? Are You In Christ (2008)

Join Pastor Clark for the ride of your life as he leads you through the phenomenal Book of Ephesians. This little book has been called "The Apostle Paul's Third Heaven Epistle."


 Running Strong And Finishing Well in 2017

Running Strong And Finishing Well (2017)

Pastor Garry is going to take us on a little Boat Trip that will help us to be RUNNING STRONG & FINISHING WELL in 2017!



Stand And Fight (2016)

In this series Pastor Garry encourages us to stand strong by knowing the Word of God, and by understanding the enemy and his tactics.



Stand And Fight (2014)

Pastor Garry Clark is going to help us recognize an enemy that is ever seeking to destroy our faith! But, in order to fight back, you first need to know who you're fighting! Since I'm a believer in Jesus Christ, the enemy knows he does not, and cannot have my soul! He will, however, do any and every thing to tear me down! In this series you will learn how to be "A Six Shooter!"



The Best Life...The Blessed Life (2013)

Are blessings that God has for me conditional? What exactly is my part? What is it that I have to do in order to get the blessings flowing in my own life? Lets start the New Year off right with a brand new series, "THE BEST LIFE... THE BLESSED LIFE!"



The Courage Of Christ (2005)

When we look in the Word of God we see servants of God who were courageous men. Moses showed courage when he went to Pharaoh and said, "Let My People Go." Joshua had to have great courage to take over for Moses in the leadership of God's chosen people. Joseph who was sold by his brothers demonstrated great courage in the face of extreme adversity.

In this five part series Pastor Garry Clark takes us into the Bible to look at the "Courage of Christ." When it comes to courage nobody can hold a candle to Jesus Christ.



The Power Of His Might (2015)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark teaches about our battles with satan.



Traveling Light (2011)

There are problems and things in our life that absolutely stress us out! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some answers to help us with some of the “mess that causes us so much stress?”

God knows our potential! Unfortunately, we don’t always know it ourselves! He beckons us to come and follow Him, but once we look down, we begin to sink! Pastor Garry is gonna show us how to lighten up, and never sink!

God has called us to be a “LIGHT” to the world. But most often, it’s the suffering that we have endured, that shines the most. It’s a fact that people will listen and learn from those that have “been there, done that!”



Under Construction (2012)

Pastor Garry Clark in this message series focuses on one of the Bible’s most prolific wall builders, the man Nehemiah. Nehemiah had some wall building struggles and we are shown that when building, "Attitude" is everything.



Victory In Jesus (2014)

In this series Pastor Garry lays out some keys for living the victorious life.



Victory: Learning From Leaders (2014)

In this series Pastor Garry Clark will take some of God's victorious leaders in the Bible and show you how God used them to WIN!



We're Doing It (2012)

Pastor Garry is beginning a brand new, motivating message series to "Kick Off The New Year" called WE'RE DOING IT! And if you're waiting on things to be perfect before you get moving in the right direction, you're going to be waiting a very long time! It's that big word START that stops most people! Join us for the message DO IT NOW, to Get Going, and Get It Done!



Winning The Game Of My Life (2014)

It's BIG GAME SUNDAY, and most of the players in that game think that it's the biggest game of their lives... But It Really Isn't!!!! Winning on the field of our own lives is Much, Much Bigger!