Sermons On Leadership


Leaders Lead (2013)

In this series Pastor Garry teaches on how you can be a strong, solid leader. He begins with RISE UP! Jesus rose from the dead, so we can Rise Up and LEAD! (That's what Leaders do!) A good leader gives precedence to the things that are most important. This almost always involves giving up yourself! Desiring to be a spiritual leader is a good and honorable thing! It, however, will require you to " Live Up" to some certain expectations. But it's not just a pastor's qualifications, but ALL of ours! Life is the Real Gym! The Real Gym ain't life... PUSH UP! As a leader in the faith, you are going to have to commit to your calling! It's time to... STEP UP!



(we need) Mo' Leadership (2009)

The greatest leader of all time was the man Moses. We all could use some of what he had, regardless of our position on the leadership ladder! We all need Mo' Leadership!

In this very transparent, seven-part series, Pastor Garry Clark zeros in on what made Moses effective in his leadership. You will discover the highs and lows and even some hardly discussed areas of Moses' life.



Mo' Mentum For Leadership! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark in this series looks at the leadership in the life of Moses: MO'MENTUM FOR LEADERSHIP!