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During these last days it's easy for Christians to get frustrated, tired, and worn out. The Word of God is empowering, trustworthy, and truthful; fitting together like a hand in a glove. It's our desire to feed you with the Word of God using all the resources and technology that are available to us.

Sometimes it's very helpful and exhilarating to get quick hits of the Word to recharge your batteries and this is what we want to achieve with this new area of our website.

All of these messages may be viewed by clicking on the titles below or you may view them on our YouTube Channel.


  1. Get'R Done (From the 2007 series 24: It's All You Have) (7:07)

    Are you wasting time? Time moves fast and can easily slip away. What are you doing with it? What are you getting done today? God is not a respecter of persons but He has given each of us unique gifts and talents that we are to use to fulfill His plan for our lives.

    The one thing that He has given each of us equally is time. We each have twenty four hours in every day. So "Get'R Done!

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  2. Stop Worrying About Mess (From the 2007 series 24: It's All You Have) (9:27)

    It's the "start" that stops more people than anything else. Do you spend so much time planning that you never get anything done? If you are like alot of people you will find yourself worrying about everything. You keep worrying about stuff! You worry about your mess!

    It's time to accept responsibility, stop your worrying, and start doing!

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  3. Don't Worry, Have Faith, Start Worshipping (From the 2007 series 24: It's All You Have) (5:30)

    God tells us in the Book of Hebrews that without faith it is impossible to please Him. When people worry they are actually without faith. When people worry they are not in a worshipping frame of mind. Why waste your time worrying when you could be worshipping? Thank God for all the blessings that you have. "Don't Worry, Have Faith, Start Worshipping".

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  4. Common Sense Stuff (From the 2007 series 24: It's All You Have) (6:54)

    Today is your day to live! Tomorrow never really comes cause by the time it gets here it's today again. Do what you can today. Stop your worrying today, How much of life have you missed out on? Don't miss out on another day. Pastor Garry will lay out some "Common Sense Stuff" that will help you to "Live Today"!

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  5. The Attributes of Mercy (From the 2011 message, Mercy: Price Paid!) (6:47)

    Most people if asked would not be able to properly define the word "Mercy." Do you know what it means? There are prerequisites to giving mercy and the quality of mercy may not come from the likeliest of places.

    Join Pastor Garry Clark for an introduction to "Mercy" and its greatest example.

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  6. It Ain't A Walk On The Water (From the 2007 series, "Real") (7:16)

    Wouldn't you like to live the Christian life in reality? Wouldn't you like to be able to say, yes that's who I am? Don't you want to be real and not a hypocrite?

    We should want to do what God says when He gives us His Word. When you commit to God and follow Him; when you're in with both feet; what is your thinking?

    Pastor Garry hits on some key points about the truths and errors about living a real Christian life. Sometimes what is portrayed on TV may not be the "Real" deal!

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  7. Satan Wants you Riding On The Plain Of Oh-No! (From the 2007 series, "24") (12:10)

    Satan wants you distracted and wants you to lose your focus. He wants to wreck your faith and will try to paralyze you with fear every chance that he gets. He wants you riding on the Plain of Oh-No!

    Pastor Garry takes us into the Book of Nehemiah to check out some ways to defeat the plan of the enemy.

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  8. Two P's That Will Stop You In Your Tracks! (From the 2007 message, "Tomorrow Never Comes") (12:47)

    Tomorrow is the only real day that appeals to the lazy man. Do you know that tomorrow never really gets here! Tomorrow is seductive and deceptive. Do you put problems off or hit them head on?

    Don't let the two P's hinder you! These two P's will stop you from moving forward - they will stop you in your tracks! Join Pastor Garry as he hits the two P's head on.

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  9. Mercy Is A Big Deal With God (From the 2011 message, "Mercy: Price Paid") (6:22)

    Mercy is a big thing with God! In Micah 6:8 God mentions three things and you guessed it, mercy is right in the middle. When Jesus blasted the Pharisees out of the park, mercy was right in the middle.

    Too many Christians respond like the world when they are hurting. Shouldn't we respond differently than they do?

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  10. Act Right And Avoid Hot Buttons! (From the 2011 message, "Making The Right Decisions") (10:24)

    Partaking of good things makes for good days. You have to act right and avoid hot buttons. Moses didn't act right and his actions speak loudly to us.

    Join Pastor Garry as we take a quick look at the actions of Moses.

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  11. Builder Or Demolitions Expert? (From the 2011 series, "Rough & Real") (13:52)

    Nothing speaks more loudly about our faith than our words. What we say is a big deal to God. WORDS CAN KILL! So, are you a builder or a demolitions expert?

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  12. The Beauty Of The Bible (From the 2009 series, "Elevate: Taking It To Another Level!") (6:32)

    What can you do that will help you in your goal to take living to another level? How does being shaken, cut, and messed with benefit your life?

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  13. Hesitate, Deflate, Or Elevate?: C'MON MAN! It's Your Choice (From the 2009 series, "Elevate: Taking It To Another Level!") (14:44)

    Are you addicted to the status quo? Or, Are you inclined to take it up to another level? Do you want victories in your everyday living? Then make the choice to do what is necessary to take it up a notch!

    Join Pastor Garry as he sets forth some steps that may just enable you to get up and grow!

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  14. God Said It, That Settles It, I Believe It! (From the 2009 series, "Elevate: Taking It To Another Level!") (7:05)

    Do you think that you can reach another level by just reading the Bible? How do you handle your unanswered Bible questions? Do your put your belief and trust in God or in the "smart" people of the world?

    Join Pastor Garry as he unfolds the 5th important step which will help you reach another level!

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  15. The Foundation For Standing In The Midst Of Trouble (From the 2010 series, "Still Standing") (10:26)

    Are you hearing from God? Are you listening for that still small voice? He that hath an ear let him hear. Be still and know that I am God!

    Join Pastor Garry as he encourages you to establish a strong foundation that will enable you to get through the tough situations in life.

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  16. How Do I Stand Still & Hear From god? (From the 2010 series, "Still Standing") (10:21)

    God will speak to you before the turns; are you listening? Are you so preoccupied with your troubles that you miss that still small voice? You need to let your troubles be your teacher; embrace the tough times and trust in God knowing that He will bring you out victoriously on the other side.

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  17. Are You Desperate For Truth Or Just A Big Baby? (From the 2010 series, "Still Standing") (13:47)

    When trouble hits you and you're not in God's Word you may easily become a big baby! But truth will bring you back. The truth of God's Word cuts away the carnality from our hearts so that we can hear what the Holy Spirit says. So if you're knocked down don't be knocked out; let the truth bring you back and set you free.

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  18. God Wants Us To Be Smart Not Stupid! (From the 2007 series, "Smart Start") (12:36)

    What does God want for us? He wants to give and He wants us to be wise. God gave us His Word so that we could learn how to make intelligent decisions and intelligent jumps on a daily basis. The Bible is powerful but it is not difficult to understand. Stop making excuses!

    How do you know if you are being wise? Join Pastor Garry as he goes into the Book of Proverbs for some answers.

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  19. How Long Will Fools Hate Knowledge? (From the 2007 series, "Smart Start") (11:23)

    You can have wisdom if you'll listen. BUT! Are you an excuse maker? You can have a smart start to every day? BUT! How long will you not listen? How long do you want to be in the dark? God wants you to have an intelligent start to every day. BUT! Do you trust His Word or reject it?

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  20. Trusting In The Lord Is The Blessing (From the 2007 series, "Smart Start") (15:12)

    Fearing the Lord is the beginning BUT trusting Him is the blessing! What is trust? And where do you place yours? Is it misplaced or do you truly trust in God?

    We are really good at letting people down but God will never let us down. God will never fail us! You've gotta trust God with all of your heart. You gotta SELL OUT COMPLETELY!

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  21. Follow Jesus To Another Level (From the 2009 series, "Elevate: Taking It To Another Level!") (5:19)

    It all comes back to Jesus. Look at Jesus. You want to take it to another level; look at Him, follow Him. Get into God's Word! Love God's Word! You'll never take it to another level if you're not in God's Word. Don't think you can cause you can't.

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  22. I Boldly May, I Boldly Say, I Boldly Pray (From the 2009 series, "Elevate: Taking It To Another Level!") (6:00)

    Prayer is an opportunity to take your life to another level. The question is not why do bad things happen? The question is, are you gonna take your mess to Jesus or not? You can find mercy at the throne of grace. Because Jesus is my high priest, I boldly may, I boldly say, and I boldly pray.

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  23. Pull The Rope That Sucker's Dead (From the 2009 series, "Elevate: Taking It To Another Level!") (12:30)

    You wanna go higher? You wanna take it to another level? Then you need someone who can take you there. You need someone that can get you there! You need a high priest not a low priest. Old Testament high priests offered sacrifices that could never attone for the sins of the people; that's why Jesus came.

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  24. Do You Let The Adversary Eat Your Lunch? (From the 2006 series, "It Be Hot!") (14:59)

    What do you do when the heat gets turned up? You have to make a decision if you don't want to get burned. Trouble is evident! What do you do when problems come into your life? How do you handle the pressure? The adversary wants to eat your lunch. BUT! How do you handle the heat?

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  25. Church Hurt Hurts! (From the 2006 series, "Inside Job!") (10:12)

    Churches don't fall apart from the outside. Churches fall apart from the inside! Things always get "monkeyed up" from the inside. It's an inside job. Church hurt hurts man! We need the right kind of confusion.

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  26. The Table Is Set NOW Pull Up A Chair! (From the 2005 series, "wazz up with dat?") (8:52)

    Why pray? God longs to speak with us and we have the opportunity and priviledge to talk with Him. You get to know God around the dinner table; so pull up a chair!

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  27. Who Powers You? (From the 2006 series, "Inside Job") (15:52)

    Why do you serve the Lord? Do you need or want church power? We need to serve God with humility and honor. If your service is not giving glory to God then there is a problem. God is big on God and He wants all the glory!

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