Sermons On Relationships


Alone (20012)

This is a very special message from Pastor Garry Clark’s brother, Terry Clark. It’s called “Alone!” But you don’t have to be...



Community (2015)

Pastor Garry's dear friend of over 30 years, Mark Myers, blesses and encourages us by speaking on the 'Community' of Fellowship Church!



Nailed (2007)

Alot of churches today are not preaching The Gospel, not preaching the Word of God anymore. Many of the new books out today about starting a church or growing a church want you to ask people for opinions and what they are looking for, and then preach around that.

At Fellowship Church we try our best to preach the Word of God. And in this three part message series Pastor Garry will help you get your relationship with God, Nailed. Whether you are a new Christian or a Christian of many years, this series will help you with your relationship with God.



R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (2011)

In this three part series Pastor Garry will be looking at how you need to have a respect for others, a respect for yourself, and in the first message, a RESPECT for GOD! You gotta have it!

The first four of the Ten Commandments focused on GOD! The next six focus on Others! In the second message, Pastor Garry takes a look at how our actions and attitudes need to be respectful as we interact with the people in our lives... RESPECT OTHERS!

Pastor Garry has shown us how to Respect God, how to Respect Others, and in the final message, how to Respect Yourself! Do you give yourself the respect you deserve? Pastor Garry is gonna show you how to...RESPECT YOURSELF!



Relate (2010)

Relate is a series on relationships. Fellowship Church is called to "Relate" with one another; to reach out and love people; to talk to people; to encourage people.

How do I do that with my friends? How do I do that in my marriage? How do I do that in my relationships?

In this seven part series Pastor Clark will take us into the Word of God to get answers to these questions and others. Join Pastor Garry as we learn how to "Relate."