Sermons On Prophecy


4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (2016)

In this series we'll begin looking at The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!



Back To The Future (2016)

The message "BACK TO THE FUTURE" will transport you to the future of mankind. What will the Earth be like when Jesus returns and we live with Him during the Millennial Reign? Listen up and find out!!!



Are The End Times Our Times? (2016)

Are The End Times, Our Times? What are the signs that reveal the Anti-Christ? As Christians, what should we be doing to prepare?


 Global Snapshots

Global Snapshots (2012)

In Matthew 24 and in the book of Revelation Jesus gives us a look into the future and end-time events. What will the end times look like? Pastor Garry will compare Jesus’ snapshots with snapshots of today. Jesus said “don’t be deceived!” So, lets open our eyes with... GLOBAL SNAPSHOTS!



Majoring On The Minors (2005)

The most obscure, misunderstood and least read books of the Bible are on the Minor Prophets. What are they about and what is God trying to tell us?

In this six part series, Pastor Garry Clark helps us discover the Major Points of the Minor Prophets. You will learn how remarkably applicable these ancient books are to the times in which we live today. You will also marvel at the amazing accuracy of the prophecies already fulfilled and verified through history as well as archaeological exploration.



Mystery Babylon (2012)

In this series we will look at “Mystery Babylon!” How can we break the spiritual bondage of this future No Man’s Land? Pastor Garry Clark will be showing us from the Bible...



Reverse Of The Curse (2016)

What will it take to REVERSE THE CURSE of man? When Jesus returns, it is going to be like before Adam & Eve allowed sin to curse the Earth!!! Don't miss this hard-hitting message from Pastor Cooper!


 Something Wicked Comes

Something Wicked Comes! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark's sermon series for the ‘spooky season’ of the year! We will explore some End Of Days issues.



Something Wicked Comes... (2010)

Every October while people everywhere seem to get spooky, Pastor Garry Clark makes it a practice to reveal that there truly are some frightening events ahead. These terrifying predictions were not scripted, however, by a Hollywood producer. They are in fact prophecies that are a millennia old and now their shadows are ominously near. Join Pastor Garry for some "heavy revy" as he looks at what the world will be facing in the future.



The End Game (2008)

What is happending today in the world in which we live? During this series entitled, "The End Game," Pastor Garry will be looking at the states of five different areas that affect our lives. This is not a gloom and doom series; you can get that from the TV. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and study the Bible you know that there is some good news and some bad news.

Don't let what's happening in the world drive you away from God! Listen to Pastor Garry as he tries to let you in on "The End Game."



The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (2007)

In this video illustrated and easy to understand format, Pastor Clark takes each of the horseman of Revelation Chapter 6 one by one and uncovers the message that they reveal. It's absolutely amazing how up to date this 2,000 year old prophecy really is!



The Last Days According To Jesus Christ (2006)

Jesus Christ was asked many questions while on the earth, and by far, the longest answer that Jesus ever gave was to the question concerning His coming again and the end of the world.

In this six message sermon series, Pastor Garry Clark examines Jesus' answer as recorded in Matthew Chapters 24 and 25.



The Real Truth Of Islam (2014)

Noted Author and Historian William Federer is the host of "American Minute," heard on radio stations nationwide. He is also host of television's "Faith In History!" In this message Mr. Federer gives us a very brief look at the history and founding of the Islamic religion, and reveals many of the incredible 'Islamic' events that shaped the history of Christianity, Western Civilization, and the United States of America itself!



Vital Signs (2011)

This prophecy series will take a look at the EKG of today’s world, and give us a diagnosis of the symptoms. Join Pastor Garry and get a dose of the Bible, STAT!