Sermons On God And The USA


Abraham Lincoln (2012)

Pastor Garry Clark in this In God We Trust series will be focusing on Abraham Lincoln. From our Founding Fathers to our founding documents we are indeed One Nation Under God!



America's Godly Heritage (2010)

There are important elections coming up in a few weeks. Pastor Clark wants to encourage us to be responsible citizens. He is doing this series which is about our Christian heritage as we approach our opportunity to make a difference. He wants you to join us as we take a look at the prayers, principles and scriptural values of America's 1st President, George Washington. You will be challenged!

What we need to be careful of though, is watching the USA turn into a country of American Godless Heretics! Danny Jordan takes us into the Word of God for the second part in the series to examine this dangerous trend.

In message three Pastor Garry Clark wants to go back a couple hundred years. He's going to take a look at America's Godly Heritage, and examine the Christian values of America's 2nd President - John Adams!



First Things First (2017)

Why, in the Bill Of Rights, is Religion first and foremost? Pastor Garry will show us the historical intent of the Founders of this great nation, and where and when Progressives tried to make the world believe that America has a separation of Church and State! Did they succeed?



Freedom Of, Or Freedom From Religion? (2017)

Pastor Garry will be focusing primarily on the "Establishment Clause" of the First Amendment. But, does it say we have "Freedom Of" or "Freedom From" religion in the United States?



Freedom Is In Our DNA (2014)

The Declaration of Independence says it loud and clear... 'We hold these TRUTHS to be self evident!' In this message Pastor Garry show us why "Freedom" is such an important part of America's history!



How Can America Remain Free? (2014)

Patrick Henry is famous for his statement to the Virginia House: "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!" But, he also told us Five Things that will help America remain FREE!!! In this special message Pastor Garry will help us find out what they are...



How Do You Make America Great Again? (2016)

It's been a wild political season that has both divided and unified at the same time. But, no matter the outcome, we always have a duty to honor God, and make this the best country ever to exist. In this message Pastor Garry answers the big question of the year... “How Do You Make America Great Again!”



In God We Trust (2008)

"In God We Trust" is more than just our USA Motto. Trusting God is in our DNA! But many have forgotten - or just don't know it...

These three messages on Presidents George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson are guaranteed to wake you up! Pastor Garry Clark explores the awesome reality that our country was founded on Biblical Principles and a firm belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.



In God We Trust (2011)

Pastor Garry Clark will be taking a look at the individual States of the Union, and the Signers of the Constitution, to see if we truly are a Christian Nation! Are We? Join Pastor Garry in this very informative message.



In God We Trust 2 (2009)

Is our great nation rooted and grounded in the Biblical Truths of Christianity, or not? Get the REAL FACTS in this two-part, hard hitting, video illustrated series with Pastor Garry Clark!



In God We Trust 3 (2010)

America is great because God has blessed us. It is important to remember our committment to His sovereignty as our nation set her foundations more than 234 years ago. That is the basis for Pastor Garry's message series, In God We Trust 3. He starts out by looking at how to qualify for admission into Harvard University.

In Message 2 we are taken into the Bible to explore the connection of our nation's independence and its experiencing of God's favor.



In God We Trust 4 (2011)

In what has become a yearly tradition at Fellowship Church, Pastor Garry is going to take us back in time, to explore America’s Godly Christian Heritage in the series “In God We Trust!” In the first message, we’re taking a look at the incredible man ABRAHAM LINCOLN!

“In God We Trust!” Those aren’t just idle words! They make up the official motto of the United States of America! But, are these words the actual thoughts of this nation’s founders? Well, let’s ask America’s Greatest Statesman: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN! Don't miss this great message...



In God We Trust 5 (2012)

Playin' the "Blame Game" ain't gonna fix this country, or you! Get ready for REAL ANSWERS that will bring REAL SOLUTIONS. We’ll also be examining three of the Greatest Patriotic Songs ever written ~ and you’ll see God in every single one of them. And finally Pastor Garry will take a look at a question that demands an answer... “WHY AMERICA?” Why did the Pilgrims of a few centuries ago want to come to this “new world?” And why are there still many doing the same thing today?



In God We Trust 6 (2013)

"IN GOD WE TRUST!" It's our National Motto, and on all of our currency. Let's praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to live in the United States Of America! In this series Pastor Garry continues the yearly tradition at Fellowship Church of examining America's Godly Heritage!



In God We Trust 7 (2014)

With this series Pastor Garry Clark continues a tradition at Fellowship Church, now in it's seventh year! At the end of June, we begin to focus on our Godly Heritage in the United States of America! IN GOD WE TRUST! In both the 9 & 10:30am services, we will learn and discover that it's all about God making us free.



In God We Trust 8 (2015)

Pastor Garry continues the tradition and focuses on our Godly Heritage in the United States of America as he presents the series, "In God We Trust 8."



Law & Order (2016)

America's Founding Fathers knew that it was only natural to turn to the Bible for guidance when making civil law! From the Mayflower Compact, to every State's own Constitution, God and the Ten Commandments have a major role in our rule of law. Pastor Garry examines how our nation's "Law & Order" is based on the Bible!



...Lest We Forget! (2017)

Pastor Garry Clark speaks on an incredible subject in this message, God and His blessings on this nation! "Lest We Forget" is very, very powerful!



Why America Is Free (2013)

Have you ever sat and wondered "Why America Is Free?" In this special message Pastor Garry Clark explains why he’s certain that God has something to do with it, and still does!



Why Memorial Day? (2013)

In Romans 13:7 we are told to 'Give Honor To Whom Honor Is Due!' Today, Fellowship Church celebrates our Freedom with, "Why Memorial Day, " a very special message by Pastor Garry.